Bombesin and serotonin

From:"Bruyntjes, J.P. "

Hi all

We want to stain neuro-epithelial cells in the bronchi/bronchioli in rat
tissue. Up to now we used serotonin and bombesin. 
For serotonin we use the colon and rectum as a positive control and these
tissues show some strongly stained cells. So far so good.
When we use this antibody on the lungs there is no staining at all, while
the neuro-epithelial cells are reactive for serotonin.

The datasheet for bombesin tells you that this antibody should be reactive
with human, rat and mouse bombesin and can be used without any proteolytic
treatment. Some staining can be observed but this staining is seen in
macrophages, clara cells ect but not in neuro-epithelial cells and not in
perineural sheets. 

Does any of you know other antibodies which should be reactive for these
neuro-epithelial cells?

Best regards

Joost Bruijntjes
TNO Nutrition and Food Research
Phone + 31 30 6944480

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