From:"Gao, Yan"

Hi, Everyone.
I have been helped by Histonet concerning the aldehyde-fuchsin for stain
pancreatic beta cell granules.  Thanks.  Now, I am able to get stained beta
cell granules using Gomori method.  If  the tissues fixed by 10% formalin,
I am able to stain Beta cell granules.  However,  my tissues were fixed by
Zinc fixative.  The Zinc fixative is purchased from Pharmingen.  I am not
able to stain these pancreatic Beta cell granules.  Any clue?

Zinc Fixative buffer (1000 ml):
0.1 M Tris Buffer ph=7.4
0.5 g Calcium Acetate
5.0 g Zinc Acetate
5.0 g Zinc Chloride

Yan Gao
Cardion Pharmaceutical Inc.

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