waynes world...

From:Colleen Forster

I reaped the benefits of Wayne's legacy but was in the first class to
not be
taught by him.  I've heard so many things about the man and vividly
the words "Wayne's world" scratched into one of the tables as well as a
he left behind.  It said, in effect, "I'll be at the hospital for a
but I'll see you all soon" and he never came back.  That note stayed up
the glassware washing area for the duration of my program there.  I
regret not meeting this person.

Glen Dawson
Milwaukee, WI

Thanks for sharing that. I have thought of him many times over the past
years. BecauseI
had already graduated I have wondered how things were when he left. That
sounds like Wayne.
I am sorry that you were never able to meet him. He worked so hard to
build that program and
it was sad to see it closed so quickly after he was gone.

Colleen Forster
U of MN

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