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From:"Corazon D. Bucana"

Thank you to all who responded to my request for information regarding
other software for slide presentation.  Some of the suggestions include:
(a)   I downloaded this tonight and I find it very
easy to use.
(b) UPresent from   I have not
tried this yet
(c) Sliderite
(d) using HTML
(e) JPEGView
(f) Other suggestions deal with increasing the computer RAM and data

Our projector has a 1024 x768 resolution and we do paste the full image
onto the Powerpoint page and then adjust the size of the image but the
problem comes when we try to paste a composite consisting of more than 6
images.   Quite often the images appear washed out - the images were
captured originally in Tiff format but as I indicated earlier we had to
compress the file before pasting. 

Thank you all for the information.  I will try some of the other
suggestions soon.

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