old microtome(s) and parts, update

From:Kathleen Cormier

Hello All,

Thanks for all the replies!!! I have just taken a good look in the 
sub-sub-subasement here and the complete listing is : 1 820 (gray) American 
Optical microtome, very good condition.
                               1 820 (gray) American Optical microtome, bad 
condition, looks like some parts taken off. Still good for some parts.
                                 Several assorted steel knives that are NOT 
disposable, they are slightly rusty, but can be polished up nicely. Used 
for cyrostat and AO microtomes.
                                 Several pounds of specimen and knife 
clamps for AO microtomes.

I know that these microtomes can be fitted with disposable blade clamps, I 
did not see any of these clamps in the box, but they may be there.

I also have a few clamps for the black 820 AO microtome.

I have the original vintage in excellent condition never been used manuals 
for the gray 820 AO microtomes.

These are free for the taking, whoever wants them must pay shipping costs, 
please remember that these suckers weigh roughly 30 pounds, so the cost of 
shipping may be substantial.  We are located in Cambridge MA.

Kathy Cormier
Histology Supervisor
Division of Comparative Medicine
Mass Institute of Tech

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