muscle biopsies revisited

From:Robert Schoonhoven

The more recent posts regarding  muscle biopsies have served to remind me that
several of you have sent me e-mails requesting my old Muscle Biopsy workshop
handout.   Through sad experience I have found that it is too large of a file to
send through the net as an attachment as it fills up most peoples mail box and then
bounces back to mine which in turn fills up and drives our IT people further out of
their minds than they normally are, so...........

I have put up my own web site (which is NOT complete), and within the next 4 weeks
I hope to put both the Muscle Biopsy and the GMA Staining handbooks up in PDF
format so that it can be printed out.  As a bonus there will be some images that
will go along with the hand books so that you can see what the results are supposed
to look like.  The site address is:

Please note that at the moment it only has a few pages but this will change over
the next month or so.  Also for those that are offended by commercialism, this site
is intended to help my consulting business so if you don't like that sort of thing,
don't go there.  I will post to the HistoNet when the manuals are available.

Robert Schoonhoven

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