bovine tendon processing

From:"Bellantoni, Rose"

Does anyone have tricks for processing and sectioning bovine tendon that they would like to share?  I am currently processing cross sections of tendon at 20 minutes each in 7 stations of graded alcohols, 20 min. each in 2 xylene stations, and 35 min. each in 4 paraffin stations.  The tissue is fixed overnight in 10% NBF. 
 Before sectioning the blocks are soaked in Mollifex between 20-60 minutes.  The tissue remains as hard as a rock, and the sections are shattered.  A day after processing the specimen has a slight caved in appearance of under dehydration, but because the tissue is already so hard I am having a hard time believing that I need to increase my alcohol times. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much.
Rose Bellantoni
Integra LifeSciences, CRC
11045 Roselle St.
San Diego CA 2123

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