VS: Paraformaldehyde

From:Nina Malja

Hi Jim

I don't use PFA to fix tissue, but I use 1% PFA for flow cytometry. We
freeze 10 mL aliquots wich we thaw whenever we do the flow cytometry and we
are told that freezing will not affect the PFA for our purpose - as long as
we keep the PFA cool.

Best regards,
Nina Malja

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Fra: jim [mailto:jim.manavis@imvs.sa.gov.au]
Sendt: 6. mai 2002 02:48
Til: Histonet
Emne: Paraformaldehyde

Hi all

Has anyone in their Histo travels know of anyone who has attempted to use
thawed frozen buffered paraformaldehyde to fix small fragments of tissue.
One of the researchers had an idea of freezing small aliquots (50mls) of
buffered 4% Paraformaldehyde so when a surgical nerve arrives placing some
of that nerve in thawed paraform. Saves making it fresh everytime. Will this
work or will the Paraform be adversely affected by the freezing?

Jim Manavis

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