Useful information about email hoaxes, etc.

From:Susan Bell

Useful information about email hoaxes, etc.
Hopefully, everyone has calmed down and recovered from the virus scare/hoax some of you fell for recently.  Bottom line is, you should never believe any virus warnings you receive via email  Following are some useful sites for checking out warnings, chain letters, speeches supposedly given by someone (these are especially common around graduation time), and other junk that passes your way.  Of course, by sending you this, I'm expecting you to believe me!   However, the first link on the list, an article by Bill Gates about email spam,  is from the Microsoft web-site, so you can check it out yourself (go to, do a search for bill gates, and then click on the link to Bill Gates' Web site).  At the bottom of the article are links he suggests to check out, some of which are below. is fun just to browse through and see some of the goofy/outrageous/crazy stuff people have fallen for.


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