SA update on 'Breathers aka Huffers'

From:louise renton

Well, here's my 2 cents worth....
After trimming (USA: "facing") blocks are placed on ice to chill them. Ice 
trays are usually flooded with water beforehand, so this takes care of any 
soaking needed. A gentle breath of  warm air made by silently saying a drawn 
out "why"is blown over the block and cut section. We don't huff here! 
Sometimes a little futher chilling is required, in which case an ice cube is 
held to the block face. Excess water on the knife/blade is soaked up with a 
kleenex. I know this is a dangerous practise, but hey, we still use bunsen 
burners to embed!

Louise Renton
South Africa
PS I'm wearing my flak jacket in case of heated replies!!:)

>From: "" 
>Subject: Re: update on 'Breathers aka Huffers'
>Date: Thu, 02 May 2002 10:21:50 -0500
>Responding to the message of 
>from Bryan Hewlett :
>I have been known to breathe on a block now and again.....I believe the 
>first came to me from none other than.....Wayne Kampa!!! Thanks Wayne!!
> >
> > To those who replied to this survey so far, many thanks.
> > I will be posting a summary of the results in a couple of weeks.
> > However, we need to hear from more 'netters', both pro and con, to 
> > the sample size. Also, those with alternatives to 'Huffing' might wish 
> > state their case!
> >
> > Bryan
> >
> > Bryan R. Hewlett
> > Technical Specialist
> > Anatomical Pathology
> > Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program
> > Ontario, Canada
> >
> >
> >
> >
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