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From:Bryan Llewellyn

You could write a simple HTML web page with frames.  The left side with a
thumbnail image as a link to the full size image, then showing the full
image in the right side.  Run a browser off line pointing to the HTML page.

There are also shareware and freeware programs that do the same if all the
pictures are in a single folder.  Try, there should be
some there.

Bryan Llewellyn

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From: "Corazon D. Bucana" 
Sent: Friday, May 10, 2002 12:13 PM
Subject: slide presentation

> I just want to know what software, other than Powerpoint, do people use
> when giving seminars or lectures that are heavy on histology micrographs.
> Quite often we have to reduce the resolution of the images so we can paste
> it on Powerpoint.  It seems pointless to capture high resolution images
> then reduce it to paste on Powerpoint.  I would greatly appreciate any
> comments.
> Cora Bucana
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