Re: reprocessing breast tissue

From:"Ms. Evelyn Kaplan"


There is a lttle paragraph in the book, Theory and Practice of Histological
Techniques, Bancroft and Stevens about this very subject. Page 57 (4th ed)
states that after the soaking in a glycerol/70%ethanol/dithionite soln
overnight tissues are processed in the normal way starting from the
dehydration stages. If you  haven't got the book, I will be happy to send
you the gist. Having used it on tissues which were left stuck in mid air
after the xylene stage on an old carousel tissue processor, I can say that
we had some success with the method. Obviously the tissues were very hard
after the xylene stage and indeed looked like pieces of amber!! Sectioning
was, shall we say, challenging but we did get a reasonable degree of
success. We had to use subbed slides though.

Evelyn Kaplan
Sultan Qaboos University

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