Re: muscle biopsies

From:Teresa Flores

>    We send our muscle biopsies to a referral  lab.  Their protocol is to
>freeze the muscle in a mixture of acetone and  dry ice and then ship the
>specimen in dry ice.  We have a problem of freeze  artifact, that is in
>the report, that the lab send ours.   Does anyone  do a process, like this
>and if so, do you have any suggestions, on how to  eliminate the freeze
>artifact? Thanks, Deb Croegaert Metro Labs Davenport, Iowa
Deb, yes, after orienting the way you want to section your muscle, you roll
the muscle in talc (like talcum powder by sigma) and then drop the muscle
in liquid nitrogen for a few seconds. I will send you our muscle lab
procedure if you would like, or fax to you. Teresa

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