Re: apoptosis

From:Richard Cartun

Try Chemicon International, Inc. at (800) 437-7500.  They have a mAb to
single-stranded DNA (MAB3299) that they claim will detect apoptotic
cells in paraffin tissue sections.  Please note that there may
restrictions on the fixation used.

R. Cartun

>>>  05/13/02 11:23AM >>>
Does anyone have a strong recommendation for an antibody to ssDNA that
works well in FFPE?  I am interested in having two reliable methods that
demonstrate apoptosis.  I have Apotag kits but would like some other
possiblities as well.  If you have protocols I would appreciate those,
Thanks very much,
Nancy Lemke
Hermelin Brain Tumor Center
Henry Ford Hospital
Detroit, MI

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