Re: Paraformaldehyde

From:James Mubiru

I routinely use thawed 4% paraformaldehyde (made in
PBS) and has not seen any adverse effect. At the
beginning I used to make it fresh every time I needed
it but it was not very convenient. One time I decided
to freeze some 4% paraformaldehyde to try it out, when
I used it I did not see any adverse effect. I now make
up a large volume, aliquot into small aliquotes and
freeze at -20C.
James Mubiru

--- jim  wrote:
> Hi all
> Has anyone in their Histo travels know of anyone who
> has attempted to use
> thawed frozen buffered paraformaldehyde to fix small
> fragments of tissue.
> One of the researchers had an idea of freezing small
> aliquots (50mls) of
> buffered 4% Paraformaldehyde so when a surgical
> nerve arrives placing some
> of that nerve in thawed paraform. Saves making it
> fresh everytime. Will this
> work or will the Paraform be adversely affected by
> the freezing?
> Jim Manavis

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