Re: M. bovis Ab's?

From:Richard Cartun

DAKO Corporation sells a polyclonal (rabbit) antibody to Mycobacterium
bovis (#B0124).  I use it for immunohistochemical staining of
formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded tissues.  It is not specific for M.
bovis; it labels several (if not all) species of mycobacteria.  Their
telephone number is (800) 566-6655 and their website is:

R. Cartun

>>> Greg Dobbin  05/10/02 10:47AM >>>
Hello All,
Any of the veterinary folks out there know of a source for an Elisa kit

to Mycobacterium bovis or in lieu, antibodies to said bacterium?

I'm also looking for a commercial source for "purified protein 
derivative" (PPD) for M. bovis. 

My friend wishes to innoculate inexperienced cows (ie M. bovis 
negative) with the PPD and then measure their immunoreactivity by 
an Elisa method.

Thanks in advance.
Greg Dobbin
Pathology Lab
Atlantic Veterinary College, U.P.E.I.
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Charlottetown, P.E.I.
Canada,  C1A 4P3
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