Re: Does ANyone KNow?

From:Philip Oshel

You're looking for a hydrometer, specifically one for measuring 
ethanol - water mixtures.
But as long as you measure correctly, then why worry? By "measuring 
correctly" I mean separately. Water and ethanol have a curious 
property: when mixed, they make up less volume than their separate 
volumes added. I.e. 50 mL water + 50 mL ethanol make *less* than 100 
mL water-ethanol mixture. I've forgotten the physical chemistry, but 
I'll bet someone on the list knows ...

>Does anyone know where I can find; and the name of a device; I can use to
>measure the amount of water in graded alcohols?   I believe its a
>I'm making up graded alcohol by mathematical formula but still want to check
>that I measured meniscuses correct etc.
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