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    As long as you can get the temperature to 95-100 deg C and stay there for 20 min. or so, you can use any method you want. The object is the temperature not the way you get it there. Some methods are better than others because they keep the temperature more stable. But if you can accomplish this by a cup of citrate in a pan of boiling water over an open fire that you can remove when the heat gets too high then that's great (just watch that temperature and don't burn yourself).
    On a more economic scale, a steamer will cost less than an antibody and not much more than the citrate buffer you will be using. Any department store will have one, if there are not any of these stores around you I am sure you could get a mail order catalog with one in it, or have some one in the states pick it up for you and ship it to you.
Amos Brooks
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Hi Guys,
I would like to use heated citrate buffer as antigen retrival agent. Everyone keeps talking about a microwave or steamer or pressure cooker none of which I have (I don't live in the states so these things are expensive). Does anyone know of a method involving a simple heater or bunsen burner.
Brenda B.

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