Re: Calling of Critical Results on Tissues

From:Bill Sinai

Your laboratory is almost identical to ours in all areas. 
# 1 Our pathologists usually make the call as to whether a case needs to be phoned, even if it has arrived marked urgent.  They then either phone and Fax the result. As all material goes through the laboratory within twenty four hours following arrival in the department we rarely have anything which gets our RED cassette treatment unless it is specifically concerned with further surgical procedures or treatment.
# 2 For the last 10 years we have set our TAT at three days for surgical specimens and this includes any review cases.  We monitor this by printing TAT for each client and each pathologist monthly and distributing these results to the pathologists.
Bill Sinai
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Tissue Pathology
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From: Nita Searcy
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Sent: Friday, May 03, 2002 6:01 AM
Subject: Calling of Critical Results on Tissues

I have been asked to question other hospitals (after a Q-Probe Study for AP)--we are a hospital/academic/clinic histo lab that has a large "out reach" to small clinics and other hospitals. We have approximately 25,000 surgical specimens a year, 7 surgical path pathologists that also teach and do research, 5 residents, 2 fellows, 56 autopsies.  Are you a similar institution that has a  #1"mechanism for calling critical results or #2- setting specific TAT goals for surgical path?"
Would appreciate ANY response.
Nita Searcy, HT/HTL (ASCP)
Division Manager
Anatomic Pathology

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