From:Lee & Peggy Wenk

Does any department have a skeleton (like X-ray)? You could put that near
your table. That makes your table easier to be pointed out. Or a plastic
model with the interior organs?

How about clear plastic bottles or "Ziplock" bags with slices of organs?
Autopsy tissue is great! Normal and diseased, if possible. Liver - normal
and cirrhosis. Kidney - normal and lumpy/bumpy do to high blood pressure.
Lung - normal and the blackest piece you can find from a smoker. Green
gallbladder in one bag, and another bag with all the gallstones from all the
cases in the last couple of weeks. This is great in a plastic bag, so the
kids can hold the stones in the plastic bag, to see how light weight they
are, and all the different varieties. A slab of brain is also something that
will attract the kids to your table. Normal appendix and inflamed appendix.
Tonsils. Use parafilm around the lids of the plastic bottles, so they don't

Label everything. Label the bags. Put the name of the tissue and the

Put signs in front of the microscopes. Use slides that are very easy to see
something on low power, so they don't get frustrated trying to focus, and
that everyone will understand - GMS fungus, Fontana-Masson on skin with
melanin, PAS on intestine.

Go to the ASCP web page:

Under this, you will find a brochure for HT. It's supposed to be 2 pages,
but it comes out 2 1/2 pages on my printer. Still if you wanted to do a back
to back page to hand out, the first two pages are probably enough. The only
change I would make is on the bottom of the 2nd page. This was created in
1999, so it has the 1998 survey beginning wage for HT, which was $20,000.
The 2000 survey has it listed as $24,000.

The other ASCP web page is:

#1 is a power point presentation, with one on HT. However, I couldn't get it
to open for me tonight.

#6 is a poster that comes out fairly nice on a color printer.

Any posters left over from National Medical Lab Week? NSH also has posters

For freebies - Any help from an exhibitor/vendor/company - pens, pencils,
ruler, something?
- How about your hospital - pencils?
- How about candy that looks like gallstones?

Have fun with this! What histotechs do IS really neat!

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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> Hello, all,
> I have a desperate situation.  I have a been assigned to a Career Fair
> week at my hospital and Histology is going to have our own booth.  I need
> ideas.  What can I use to attract them to the booth in the first place?
> Plus they are going to be expecting free stuff, what can I give away?
> ANY IDEAS??????
> Thanks,
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