Re: CAP (Inspectors)

We are a small lab that is CAP approved.  We are inspected by other CAP
approved labs from this geographical area.  If your lab is CAP approved,
you are assigned to do an "on-site" inspection every two years.  The
inspectors consist of usually a histotech and pathologist.  The histotech
usually deals with policies and procedures and daily operational questions,
while the pathologist reviews slides, H&E's, specials, and reports, to make
sure all are of good quality.  Med techs  inspect areas of the clinical
lab.  All in all, they are generally nice people, and it is a good learning
experience for those being inspected, as well as the inspectors, as it is a
good opportunity to see how other labs operate.  Over many years, we had
only one inspector who we refer to as "The Barracuda!"

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