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B-5 Fixative.
Sodium acetate mercuric chloride formalin, pH 5.8-6.0.

Distilled water......90 mL
Mercuric chloride...6 g
Sodium acetate(anhyd.)..1.25g

Mix well, label as B-5 stock.
Immediately prior to use add 10 mL 37-40% formaldehyde and mix.

Fix 2-3 mm slice of L.N. for 4-6 hours(K=0.8)
Rinse in 3 changes NBF, 5 min. each and transfer to NBF. Process.
Lillie suggests 12-24 hours, and adds that 5-7 days does not overharden!

Lillie,R.D. Histopathologic Technic and Practical Histochemistry, 3rd Ed.


Bryan R. Hewlett
Technical Specialist
Anatomical Pathology
Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program
Ontario, Canada

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> Hello
> Can anyone send me the formulation and the procedure of B5 fixative on
> lymph nodes.
> Thank you
> Sharon Cassar
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