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From:"Hawkins, Hal K."

The Irfanview program has a slide show mode.
It is very fast and versatile, and free for noncommercial use.
Such viewers overcome the resolution limit
built into Microsoft Powerpoint.

Hal Hawkins, UTMB Galveston

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As a second thought, have you considered increasing the screen resolution.
The common current resolution in use is 1024x768 pixels.  Many graphics
cards can go much higher than that.  My (old) card can go to 1600x1200, so
more modern cards should be able to go higher than that.  Increasing the
screen resolution will increase the sharpness of the image.  Powerpoint
should be able to handle that.

Bryan Llewellyn

> "Corazon D. Bucana" wrote:
> > I just want to know what software, other than Powerpoint, do people use
> > when giving seminars or lectures that are heavy on histology
> > Quite often we have to reduce the resolution of the images so we can
> > it on Powerpoint.  It seems pointless to capture high resolution images
> > then reduce it to paste on Powerpoint.  I would greatly appreciate any
> > comments.
> >
> > Cora Bucana
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