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From:louise renton

Hi Deb,
I find that this is the best way to go,  freezing 10ul of antibody in small 
microcentrifuge tubes. We invested in a 'step' pipette to assist us and this 
limited repetitive strain on the thumbs!! HOWEVER there were some antibodies 
that did not take kindly to this treatment and unfortunately since I no 
longer work with them, I cannot remember which they were. Give it a whirl 
with a small sample of your ab and see if it has an adverse effect. We also 
froze left over diluted ab from the day's run. These were thawed and used 
only once before discarding. It made some small savings to the budget.

Best Regards
Louise Renton
South Africa

>   Here's an immuno question for everyone doing long term storage of
>concentrated antibodies???  What method have you found to work best?  We 
>doing more concentrates, and I have small cryo-vials and a -70 freezer. 
>directions state freeze in volume needed at later date.  Do you just take
>off that dilution amount of concentrated antibody needed to make your final
>and freeze that (seems like almost too tiny an amount) then thaw and rinse
>out the vial with the correct amount of diluent---does this work or is it
>less than scientific?? Or do you make up your antibody in diluent and 
>the whole shabang???  Please share your time proven methods?   Also any
>input on saving already cut sections of controls in the freezer?  Which 
>do you find this helpful for?  Thanks very much!
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