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The Gold Standard staging series for avian embryos is Hamburger and Hamilton
(1951) Journal of Morphology 88:49-92.  We typically remove embryos from
eggs, and fix in 4% paraformaldehyde, then dehydrate to 100%EtOH and
photograph.  I'm not sure if this is the info. you were after.  Let me know
if you need more specific information or further help.

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Subject: embryonic whole mounts

Hi histonetters,
I would like to make embryonic whole mounts of chick to show
developmental stages. Does anybody have a reliable method or
sharon marshall
Dept. Human Biology
University of Cape Town
Cape Town
South Africa
Sharon Marshall (Medical Technologist)
Post-Graduate Histology Lab.
Dept. of Human Biology
University of Cape Town
South Africa

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