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We have 2 Microm 505 E's and love them to death.

Glen Dawson

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Subject: Cryostat Problems & Advice

Hello to All,

Within 2.5 years, we have gone through two Microm HM560.  Both problems 
appear to be condenser related (the present unit has not been formally 
diagnosed to date as I have just been informed that it needs to be shipped 
back to the vendor for this purpose).  I will request a demo during the 
repair process.  I may even request a permanent down-grade replacement for 
my 560 which is suppose to experience fewer problems.  A quick search on 
the ever helpful Histonet search engine does not support this 
statement.  It appears that the models 500 and 505 have reputations for 
recurrent problems as well.  Is this the case?  Can anyone provide 
information on the 505 E model?  I am interested in hearing from both 
satisfied and dissatisfied users.  I am especially interested in recurrent 
problems, reliability, disadvantages, and any other useful information you 
may have.  If the earlier models have just as many problems, then I will 
keep my repaired 560 or sell it and purchase from a different vendor 
altogether.  For the record, the cryostat was purchased before I arrived!

Thanking you (immensely) in advance for any assistance you may be able to 

Tracey Couse
Georgia Tech/Emory Center for the
    Engineering of Living Tissues
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA

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