RE: Cell Marque Pressure Cooker

From:Paul Ardi

Hi Hazel,

The Declere and Trilogy reagents have proven to be very effective at
both deparaffinizing and unmasking in the hands of numerous labs.
Generally, such difficulties can quickly be resolved by reviewing the
technique being used. Another option is to use these reagents just to
unmask (i.e. you can first run down your slides in the conventional
manner.) Even in this circumstance, there are advantages that we would
be happy to discuss with you. We would welcome the opportunity to run
some of your controls using our protocol so that you can make the
comparison for yourself.

Best regards,
Paul Ardi
Cell Marque Corp.

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We have the pressure cooker from CellMarque.   But, we do not use their
antigen retrieval.    We had  much trouble with it actually dissolving
our paraffin.   We had a "bubbling" sorta clear artifact throughout our
sections and we decided it was from incomplete removal of the paraffin.
we deparaffinize as usual and we use the DAKO retrieval.   Everything
great, no more artifact!   

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> Have you used the Electric Pressure Cooker/Steamer from Cell Marque 
> for one step deparaffinizing, rehydrateing and unmasking?  I would 
> appreciate any feedback you can give me on it.  I am interested in 
> getting one, but wondered if it's really as great as it appears!
> Thanks,
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