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Gurus would be at Fort Collins. I do IHC for PrP on rodents using a
different stainer. I am confident you can get the one you love to work as
the protocol is fairly straightforward.  My opinion is that fixation and
antigen retrieval is the most important. I use citrate buffer pH 60 in
autoclave for 20 minutes @121 for one antibody and tris buffer pH7.5 in
autoclave for another antibody. 

Cynthia Favara
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Subject: CWD IHC

I'm hoping for a few quick replies on this one... we're submitting a cost
proposal on Friday for equipment (I just found this out at 5:30pm on

#1)  Does anyone do IHC staining for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in
elk/deer using a DAKO AUTOSTAINER?  That is the machine that I know and
love, and I'd rather not have to set up a completely different staining
procedure using different equipment altogether.  If so, would you share your
staining protocol with me?

#2)  Can someone give me some information on the Decloaker device?  What is
it?  Who sells it, etc.?  I assume that it's some sort of antigen retrieval
system, instead of a Star Trek weapon.


Jan Shivers
U of MN Vet Diag Lab

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