Products of Conception

From:"Mackinnon, John"

I would like to conduct a little survey of labs that receive therapeutic
abortions.  For facilities that utilize the collection devices that contain
the sock like gauze sacs how do receive them?  Does the procedure room
submit the entire collection device to the lab in the fresh state or do they
remove the sack from the collection device and submit it in formalin?  This
of course excludes cases that require special attention such as cytogenetic

Much to our displeasure we receive them in the fresh state still in the
collection device.  Our nurses do not want to risk exposure so this is how
we get them. 

Thanks in advance,

John MacKinnon MLT, ART
Charge Technologist Pathology
Lakeridge Health Oshawa
905-576-8711 ext. 4358

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