Old equipmpent

From:"Alan E. Davis"

I am interested in getting some equipment for my high school classroom on Saipan.  I teach Biology, using as much microscope work as possible.  I am also teaching as an adjunct at Northern Marianas College; we could surely use some equimpment there.  Perhaps shipping is possible through the college.

I didn't see your original post.n What do you have?  I need a microtome for sure.

Alan Davis

Alan E. Davis, Science Instructor    
Marianas High School
PMB 30, Box 10006,
Saipan, MP  96950
Northern Mariana Islands

"An inviscid theory of flow renders the screw useless, but the need
for one non-existent."   
             ---Lord Raleigh(aka John William Strutt),or else
                 his son, Jr., who was also a scientist.

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