NSH Teleconferences tapes

From:Lee & Peggy Wenk

(Warning - this is a plug for NSH Teleconferences and a new service for
those people who need continuing education. This information was printed in
the most recent edition of "NSH in Action".)

NSH is aware that not everyone in your lab is able to attend a NSH
Teleconference (TC). Some have to stay in the lab to work so others can
attend, some are on off-shifts, some are on vacation or medical leave, some
may not be hired yet.

And yet you want everyone to have continuing education (CE).

NSH now has a way for people to earn CE contact hours from NSH, even AFTER
the teleconference is over.

If you have already signed up for a NSH teleconference, or will in the
future, the $90 gets you permission to log into the teleconference, 35 mm
slides, and a handout you can copy. There is also a sign up sheet for
attendees to the teleconference.

However, if you want, for an additional $10 (making it $100 total), you can
also receive a tape of the teleconference, which will arrive about 3 weeks
after the NSH TC. There will also be a four question, multiple choice test
mailed with the tape. But, you have to let NSH Office know BEFORE the
teleconference that you need a tape, so that they can have enough copies
made, so to keep the cost down.

At your employees' convenience (slow day, lunch hour, lab meeting, taking it
home, etc.), they can listen to the tape, follow along in the handout, view
the 35 mm slides, and then take the test (make copies first), and mail or
fax it in to NSH. They will receive NSH CE.

People can continue to earn NSH CE on a NSH TC for up to two (2) years AFTER
each NSH TC. So for those who are on vacation, overly busy, not yet hired,
or just slow at picking up their needed CE, they can earn the NSH CE on the
NSH TC at their convenience.

If, after a teleconference is over, you realize that you wish you had signed
up for a particular teleconference, there will be tapes, 35 mm slides,
handout and test available, but there will be an additional cost, since NSH
would be making additional copies of the slides and tapes after the fact. (I
think the cost will now be $130-140 dollars, instead of the $100).

If you have already signed up for any of the future 2002 NSH TC, and would
be interested in the tapes and test, contact NSH Office.

If you have not signed up for any 2002 NSH TC, but are now interested, you
can view the schedule at http://www.nsh.org/education/teleconf2002.html

However, the option for the tapes and test is NOT on the application page
yet. Please contact NSH Office.

If you are interested in a tape from the last two years, contact the NSH
Office. Please note, the ability to offer the "test" was just approved by
the NSH Board of Directors at the last convention, so the tests start in
Nov. 2001. There are no tests previous to this. But your employees can still
listen to the tapes and be educated by them. They just can't earn CE for any
tapes before Nov. 2001.

To contact the NSH Office: 301-262-6221

(Please, do NOT contact me. I'll just tell you again to contact the NSH

I'm excited about this new option for our teleconference participants to
earn continuing education, and hope you will be too.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
NSH Teleconference Coordinator
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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