Hello Douglas!

From:=?UNKNOWN?Q?Agust=EDn?= Venzano

Dear Douglas Gregg: I feel so happy to have met a colleague in the Histonet.
Not just a simple colleague, but a Vet Pathologist and a Histotechnician, as
I am myself. I do hope this will nor be the last posting made by a
Pathologist, I'm sure there are lots of Pathologists interested in
exchanging ideas in the net, but due to some reason they don't dare doing
By the way Gregg please convey my greetings to Fernando Osorio, and tell him
I'm Ernesto and Maria del Mar's friend from Bella Vista, Buenos Aires.

Sincerely yours

Agustin Jose Venzano Halliburton
DVM-Pathology Group
INTA Castelar, Argentin

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