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From:"Mcleod, H, Heather"

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Subject:       FAS - Jeff Silverman
Date:          Tue, 30 Apr 2002 13:38:37 SAST-2

Dear Histonetters

I have asked before whether anyone has used an antibody to Fatty Acid 
Synthase.  I unluckily had no response.  However I have just been 
through a file of interesting histonet contributions that I keep.  I 
noticed that Jeff Silverman of Peptolab offered information on the 
staining of adipocytes AND he mentioned FAS.  Jeff, can you throw any
light on the availability of this antibody for FFPE material?  I have 
searched many websites but I have not been able to find one.
hopeful and thankful

Heather Mcleod

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