Fwd: RE: update on 'Breathers aka Huffers'


I soak lenses and anything hard and crunchy.
I ice most of the time.
I deliver my hot air to anyone who will listen and also to alleviate static. 'Static electricity is not our friend.'
My thumb stuck in the warm water bath is reserved for bloody stuff.
And I cut slow.

Mary Lou
(still along ways from retirement)

Date: Thu, 02 May 2002 08:10:31 -0400
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From: Bryan Hewlett <bhewlett@cogeco.ca>
Subject: RE: update on 'Breathers aka Huffers'
To: Histonet Server <HistoNet@pathology.swmed.edu>

To those who replied to this survey so far, many thanks.
I will be posting a summary of the results in a couple of weeks.
However, we need to hear from more 'netters', both pro and con, to increase
the sample size. Also, those with alternatives to 'Huffing' might wish to
state their case!


Bryan R. Hewlett
Technical Specialist
Anatomical Pathology
Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program
Ontario, Canada

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