Fellow Histonetters and colleagues in the Field

From:Bernard Ian R SSgt 59 CRES/MSROP

This is not JOB related but I'd thought I take this opportunity to ask
anyone with kids or experience with fundraisers or planning.

I was nominated/handpicked to be on my 4 year old daughter's, Day Care
center's, parent board.  I was extremely honored and hope to do a good job.

I am seeking ideas on fundraisers and also fun family events we could do for
the children at little or no cost.   All proceeds from fundraisers will
support the center's annual fun day and picnic and assist in buying better
equipment for the kids.  Events will and should provide morale and education
for the parents, kids and teachers.

I know we all have lives other than HISTO, so if you would, anything you can
think about, that will work, please let me know.

God bless
Fellow histosurfer and colleague

Ian R. Bernard, SSgt, USAF, AAS, HT (ASCP)
NCOIC Histopathology/ Pathobiology Laboratory
59th Clinical Research Sqd / MSROP
1255 Wilford Hall Loop, bldg 4430
Lackland AFB, Tx 78236-5319

Tel: 210-292-7190
Fax: 210-292-6053
E-mail: Ian.bernard@59mdw.whmc.af.mil

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