I'm hoping folks can give me some things to think about with a few stains that seem to be coming up with crystallization artifact.
      It seems that the microwave Congo Red procedure we do, crystallization happens more often than any other.  We use a Sigma kit.
      The microwave Copper recently starting showing rhodanine crystals.  Again, we use a purchased kit.
      Lastly, I was really suprised to see crystals on my PAS with light green counterstain.  We don't microwave this stain at any step.  Interestingly, other PAS with heme counterstains were used in the same solutions as the PAS/LG and did not show crystals......just the PAS/LG.
      Hopefully, this isn't too of a mix-match of questions.  Is there a common denominator when it comes to crystals in stains with or without the microwave?
      Thanks for any thoughts!

Deborah King, HT (ASCP)
Sacramento, CA

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