long - non-histology request

From:"Renton, Lousie, Mrs" <177louie@chiron.wits.ac.za>

Hi there histonetters,
This is NOT histology related, please delete now if you are not 

This request comes at an akward time, when there is such hot 
debate regarding the fawly towers thing but.at the risk of infuriating 

My sister who is involved in a project to bring e-mail and internet 
facilities to impoverished schools in our province is looking for 
some correspondents to "chat" to the school children when their 
systems are installed. If you have children who would be interested 
(co-erced?)*g* in dropping a line to someone here in South Africa, I 
would appreciate it you would contact me directly, and I will then fill 
you in on the details as they become available to me. This is not a 
hoax, such as has been distributed on the 'net a while ago. My 
sister is a righteous person - I have known her all my life! *g*

With many thanks

Louise Taylor
Research Technologist
South Africa

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