From:A van Binsbergen <anneb@mail.saimr.wits.ac.za>

I used to routinely celloidinise(?sp)  all my brain sections for silver
stains in celloidin

1% celloidin in ether alcohol (1:1)

sections from 100% alcohol into 1% celloidin for about 2mins
remove and drain upright until set to touch (try it and you'll know what I
harden in 70% alcohol - 1 min
rinse in running h2O
stain as desired

There will be some of you who pour the celloidin on and immediately drain it
off - fine for 1 or 2 slides

I also found that the celloidin (and section ) started peeling off the slide
if I used the pour on drain off method

Never had a wash off with my coplin jar technique!!

Annie in Africa

Anne S. van Binsbergen
S.A.I.M.R./Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital
South Africa

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