Sink disposal of ethanol

From:Linda Jenkins <>

Hi, Deb,
	The answer to your question is - it depends!  Here at the
University - we are not allowed to pour ethanol down the drain - period!
We have a private sewer system and are governed by local restrictions.  We
have a 15 gallon plastic container that we pour ethanol and xylenes into
and our environmental health and safety people collect for disposal and
furnish new containers as needed.
	Common sense says that all the local bar's are dumping tons of
ethanol based products ( i.e. Jack Daniel's) down the drain (what a
waste<smile>).  Wonder  how they can get away it?  'Course they are not a
certified, inspectified, rectified institution of health care or higher
	So...check with your local institution and any authorized in-house
safety people and your local sewer provider.
Linda Jenkins, HT
Clemson University
Department of Bioengineering

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