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Well Said.......

"Dr. Ian Montgomery." wrote:
> Dear Lorraine and Jennifer,
>                         As the instigator of the latest Fawlty Towers
> postings I must respond to your posting.
>         Since its inception, Histonet has been at the forefront in the
> coming together of  Histologists and the sharing of information in our
> branch of science from beginner to advanced user. Throughout there has
> always been a friendship between subscribers that although we may
> never meet personally it's as if we belong to a family of
> Histologists. I agree the technical side of our subject takes prime
> place but surely a little levity must be included. Look at the
> response to a cast away remark, numerous postings that demonstrate the
> one thing we share as a species, no matter colour or creed, the
> ability to laugh. I have often thought that if the
> Secretary General of the United Nations was a comedian rather than a
> politician the world situation might improve. Peoples with a perceived
> dispute could meet have a good laugh then realise we are all brothers.
> Sit to together, then with bright faces solve disputes with a smile
> rather than a bullet. Naive maybe, but when peoples laugh together
> there not harming each other.
>         If you don't want to read a posting press delete. I read every
> posting because I feel someone has taken the time to ask a question,
> respond, offer a piece of information or make my day just that wee bit
> brighter by bringing a smile to my face.
> Ian.
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