Re: non-histology topics

From:Connie McManus <>

At 03:34 PM 5/22/01 -0500, Noel Moon wrote:
>Lighten up!  Just a little comic relief. I mean, really, don't take 
>everything so seriously. If you see it in the subject line, simply delete 
>it. This is a stressful job at times and I, for one, certainly have enjoyed 
>the humor and was culturally educated. I am all for learning things. Now, 
>what if I was on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" and I was asked who the 
>male lead actor was in the British comedy "Fawlty Towers"? I would be moving 
>on to the next level because of the histonet. (if I ever make money from 
>knowing this answer...I promise to share with those that educated me on the 
>topic.) :o)

Noel, this could start a whole new forbidden subject thread, you naught
thing!  *g*

Connie M (who hopes to never be known as a serious person)

>>From: Lorraine Gibbs <>
>>Subject: non-histology topics
>>Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 09:11:13 -0700
>>Hi to all-
>>I absolutely agree with Jennifer Philopena's comments on non-histology
>>topics (twats, Fawlty Towers). These subjects do not belong on a discussion
>>board for histology. It really undermines the credibility of Histonet.
>>Please find another discussion board for these
>>Jen did not need to pre-apologize.
>>Lorraine Gibbs
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