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I'll make a quick reply to this and then go away before we get too OT. 
The original message in this thread implied a bit of concern about
whether CDs would be supported and useable if DVD's continue to grow in
popularity. On that issue, there's really no worry. First of all,
computer DVD drives can read CD's. Secondly, even if that were not true,
the adoption of CD technology has simply been too massive for them to be
abandoned in the forseeable future. There will be just too much demand
for reading CD's for decades to come for the market to ignore it. 
	Rather than wire recorders, a better analogy might be LP's. Even as they
got better and better, the basic idea of a flat, plastic disk with a
bumpy groove scratched into the surface remained the standard for selling
audio recordings. Even today, a decade after they became "obsolete," you
can easily buy a turntable that will play everything from ancient 78's to
45 singles. I expect a similar support for CDs, even if for some reason
future software requires the huge storage capacity of DVDs.
	And the software is no source of worry for the same reason. Even if
aliens land here tomorrow and give us some totally new computer
technology, millions of hackers will be lining up to write Mac, Win, and
Linux emulators for it, if for no other reason than so they can continue
to play Tomb Raider on it. ;-)
	The take home message for image storage: your bmp's, jpg's, tiff's, etc.
will be useable and readable by whatever software comes down the pipe.
And CD's are still the cheapest, least volatile, and most widely accepted
media for backup and distribution, for all but truly huge storage
They're readable across all platforms, and everyone has a drive for them,
(unless their computer is steam powered).

Jeffrey Crews, HTL (ASCP)

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