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DVD-RAM's work pretty much like a floppy with thousands of read write cycles
with prices for the drives in the $300 + range. You might also add the peerless
from Iomega to your list (20 GB on a removable cartridge, $400.00 for the

"Plummer, Timothy B." wrote:

> 2 cents
> We currently use DVD to back-up digital photomicrographs.  The cost is about
> $50 per DVD  and they hold approx. 4.5GB.  Once written they are placed in a
> DVD tower and we access them through a DVD server just as if they were
> coming out of the mainframe network.  At first we were going to use CD-ROM,
> but the images would become quite scattered around since only approx. 600MB
> can be stored per CD-ROM.  For people interested in using these permanent
> storage options it is recommended that you take some time to consider your
> storage size needs, access requirements, and file organization.  The DVD
> system is really nice.  Other options to consider would be JAZ 1-2GB(sp?)
> drives and for small needs- ZIP 100MB  from Iomega.
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> > just sitting here pondering my navel and a thought occured to me. i was
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