Re: digital imaging

From:Jeffrey S Crews <>

DVD-Recorders do in fact exist, but they are still very expensive and not
really intended for the home market... yet. 
Because of the long anticipated lifespan of a CDrom disk (probably
somewhere around 50 years or so, if you protect it) and because DVD and
CD technology is so similar, everyone's CDroms should be readable for the
forseeable. For instance, most of the computer-installed DVD players are
also CDRom readers as well. 
 So (to keep this on topic) if you've been archiving your histo images on
CD, I wouldn't sweat it. Just remember that "Backup Is Beautiful."
There was a really good article on the difficulties of  "obsolete media"
I read a while back. If I can find the link I'll post it here. It's good
reading for anyone who has to archive digital files.             

Jeffrey Crews, HTL (ASCP) 

On Wed, 23 May 2001 13:14:31 -0400 (EDT) writes:
>just sitting here pondering my navel and a thought occured to me. i 
>thinking of the furure of the CD -rom with the advances in DVD tech. 

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