Re: cmv ish

From:Vinnie Della Speranza <>

If you haven't done so, start with the manufacturer of the product you are using. They will be the best source of information as to whether the product has been altered from previous versions you have used. They also should be informed that your results are less than satisfactory. if they obtain their probe from another source (rather than manufacturer it directly), you can learn if their source for this probe has changed. Also, be sure to verify that the company's procedure for staining with their probe has not changed.

>>> ANGELIA JONES <> 05/22/01 08:30AM >>>
recently upon purchasing a new cmv probe, i began to experience very weak staining.  The old probe that was purchased from the same vendor  never gave me this type of problem. Any suggestions on correction would be aprreciated. Increased time of incubation, enzyme treatment  and ? would be helpful. Need Help.  thanks Angie

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