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If you use the Churukian method for Oil REd O, you get NO ppt on your
sections.  It eliminates the need for messy propylene glycol, and is a
clean, gorgeous stain.  Chuck published the method in the last two years, J
of Histotechnology.  

I never looked back once I started to use it.

At 04:29 PM 5/17/01 -0500, you wrote:
>following the thread on oil red o:
>Lately we have started experiencing atrocious precipitate on our oil red o
>slides.  These are frozen sections of skeletal muscle, 8-9 microns thick,
>stained with oil red o in propylene glycol method.
>These are large, black crystalline deposits (look much like snowflakes) seen
>overlaying the entire specimen.  It is happening with homemade oil red o
>stain as well as with commercially prepared oil red o from newcomber supply.
>We have tried filtering (multiple filtering of the same stain solution),
>decreasing incubation times in the stain (3 hours down to half an hour), and
>making up new stain with every run.  I am starting to think maybe it is
>something funny in the Milwaukee tap water we rinse with that is binding and
>causing the problem.  Have not yet tried rinsing slides in distilled water.
>Any similar experiences and solutions are appreciated!
>Susan Danielson, MS
>Neuromuscular Pathology Lab Coordinator
>Dept. Neurology, Medical College of Wisconsin
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