Re: alcohols

From:Connie McManus <>

At 05:43 PM 5/20/01 -0500, Philip Oshel wrote:
>If it's contaminated with fun things like 
>ferrocyanide or whatever, then the ferrocyanide or whatever disposal 
>rules apply.

Oh, c'mon, what's wrong with a little cyanide??? Fearless Leader thinks
arsenic is no big deal. (

Connie McManus (who wants to timewarp back to Fri)
>>     This is perhaps a very simple question....but what do other labs do
>>their 95% alcohols?  I know recycling is what happens most.  Does anyone
>>if it is okay, or outrageous to dispose of 95% alcohols down the sink when
>>there is too much to recycle?  I read in some literature that putting 95%
>>alcohol down the drain was okay, but with large amounts of water.  How much
>>95% is okay for sink disposal?
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