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I am with a university and we have our own environmental health and safety
dept. that comes around to pick up hasmats.  I dispose of all ETOH,
isoprop, methanol, acetone, etc. together in one container (labeled with
the contents and approximate % of each alcohol in the total volume).  I
understand this waste is then taken elsewhere to be burned as fuel. Sooooo,
I keep xylenes and histoclear in one container, with the alcohols and
acetone separate.  If I dump any alcohol down the drain, it is in very
small quantities that can be diluted quickly with running tap water.  

I am thinking seriously about getting one of those recyling systems.  Who
makes them?  I've seen them advertised, but now that I want one, I can't
seem to find the ads (figures).

Connie M

At 05:25 PM 5/20/01 -0400, wrote:
>    This is perhaps a very simple question....but what do other labs do with 
>their 95% alcohols?  I know recycling is what happens most.  Does anyone
>if it is okay, or outrageous to dispose of 95% alcohols down the sink when 
>there is too much to recycle?  I read in some literature that putting 95% 
>alcohol down the drain was okay, but with large amounts of water.  How much 
>95% is okay for sink disposal?
Connie McManus
Veterinary Diagnostics Lab
Utah State University
Logan, UT

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