Re: Tea Bag Transportation

From:Connie McManus <>

I don't know if I'm on the same page as you, but in my early days working
in the hospital in Salt Lake City, we used tea bags to fold over very tiny
specimens.  It was our job to cut the sewn edges off so there was only one
layer of tea bag and the pathologist wrapped the bx or small tissue up
inside it and it worked great.  Today, we use hair permanent end papers,
they work just as well, tool.

I hope this is helpful

Connie McManus

At 06:59 AM 5/25/01 -0700, Histonet wrote:
>Dear Histonet,
>Can anyone please provide me with any information about the phrase "Tea Bag"
>in terms of tissue block transportation?  I believe it is a system based on
>small bags being used.  If anyone can elaborate on this, I would greatly
>appreciate it.
>Danielle Mach
>Technical Service Specialist
>DAKO Corporation
Connie McManus
Veterinary Diagnostics Lab
Utah State University
Logan, UT

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