Re: Suggestions for a name.

From:"J. A. Kiernan" <>

On Tue, 22 May 2001, Dr. Ian Montgomery. wrote:

>  My brief in the University has been expanded to cover histological 
> type services for all biological departments, bugs, plants and everything 
> down to man.
>   What I need is a name for such a service unit.
> ... all but doesn't sound boring.

Dear Ian,
You need a name with something about it that 
people will remember. (Here are half a dozen
                - John.

Biological Observational and Operational Zoology 
and Entomology Resource.

British Universities Technical Aoolications Laboratory.

Directorate Overseeing General Services and Preparation 
of Objects for Observation. 

Microtechnological Institute Serving Some People 
In Greater Glasgow's Yooniversities.

Scottish Hospitals Institute of Technology Based
At Glasgow.

Scottish National Observational Technocracy.

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